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Nanny Criminal Background Checks

A FCRA compliant background investigation that includes a 7 year Social Security Number Trace and a single jurisdiction Criminal Records Search. Optional searches include sex offender registries, National Criminal Records Locator search, alias and DMV records search available. Orders are processed through's secure server. Results are generally available in 2-3 working days.


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BEWARE PROMISES OF 'INSTANT' BACKGROUND CHECKS!'s background check, provided by, utilizes in-court records checks for the most thorough and accurate results. Beware of Instant Background Check offers - read the fine print! Many are not FCRA compliant and cannot legally be used for pre-employment screening. More importantly, the 'instant' searches rely on incomplete databases and are not comprehensive. encourages families to do thorough pre-employment screening before leaving a caregiver with their loved ones.  LEARN MORE...

  Search for Other Nanny Background Screening Services lists other unaffiliated firms that provide employment screening services such as DMV checks, criminal records checks, and credit history checks.

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