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Nanny Advice: Special Needs Children - Disaster Planning

Emergencies happen. The time to plan for a disaster - and your response to it - is BEFORE it happens. Here are some tips and suggestions to help you think through and plan a response to a disaster.

  1. HAVE YOUR PAPERWORK READY, UP TO DATE, AND CARRY IT WITH YOU. This will include current care plan, list of medications including dosage and frequency, and Nanny Emergency Contacts Form a Nanny Emergency Contacts Form that includes parental consent for the nanny to authorize emergency medical treatment.

  2. KEEP TWO WEEK SUPPLY OF MEDICATIONS ON HAND. Keep together, readily accessible, and have a bag or cooler designated for storage and carrying. Rotate the inventory in the emergency supply so you have unexpired medications. If medications need to be kept cool, keep ice packs available.

  3. PLAN ACCESS TO REQUIRED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT (IF APPLICABLE). Dialysis, ventilators, etc. need to be planned for. If equipment requires electricity, have plan for battery backup or alternate (manual) equipment usage.

  4. MAKE LOCAL EMS AWARE OF YOUR NEEDS. If medically necessary.

  5. MAINTAIN A FAMILY EMERGENCY PLAN. [Nanny Emergency Contacts Form see tips] Include all necessary plans for communications, primary and alternate meeting place, and transportation if applicable.

Recent events have taught us the importance of emergency planning. Consider appointing an out of town relative or friend as an emergency coordinator. It is often easier to reach long distance phone numbers than local in an emergency. Remember, in emergencies cell phone systems quickly become overwhelmed - learn how to text message at this is often your last resort.

Are you a nanny who does not drive? What resources exist for you and your charges to evacuate in the event of an emergency? Research this NOW so you are prepared in an emergency.

If you work for a family with divorced parents or custody issues, please make sure you know to whom you may release the child. Get it in writing from your boss in case law enforcement gets involved.

Emergency Preparedness Resources

Link: Emergency Preparedness Resources U.S. Department of Homeland Security's READY KIDS
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