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How do you hire a nanny?
What are the most important steps a family must take to hire a nanny?

Hiring a nanny is a process fraught with anxiety for parents. When a family chooses to hire a nanny online, they really must organize themselves for the hiring process and be aware of all the necessary steps to insure a successful nanny staffing experience.

The Link: 4nannies.com website 4nannies.com website has an FAQ on how to recruit a nanny that includes links to other resources families will find helpful in organizing the nanny recruitment effort.

The following is a quick synopsis on how to hire a nanny - there are many, many additional details provided at 4nannies.com to help a family successfully hire their family's nanny.

  • Envision Your Ideal Nanny: Parents should collaborate on a list of their expectations. What characteristics and experience do you want in your nanny? What duties must she be willing to take on? Put your requirements -- including the 'must haves' and the 'would-be-nice-to-haves' -- in a list that you can refer back to when you get to the interview phase of the process. Establish your nanny budget now, so salary discussions won't be a stumbling block later.
  • Search Current Candidates: 4nannies.com provides you a free preview of currently available candidates. You can search the pool on such important characteristics as where the nanny candidate lives, seeking live in or live out employment, full time or part time, salary required and more.
    Link: Search Available Nannies at 4nannies.com Search Available Nannies
  • The Initial Contact: Once you've identified your candidates, you will want to further determine their level of interest and suitability. 4nannies.com offers registered family members the ability to either email or phone candidates that match their criteria. Use this step to further narrow the field to candidates whom you would like to interview in depth. Be prepared with a list of interview questions to start things off.
  • Interview: Remember your list from step one? Now's the time to use that list to craft questions for a personal interview of your nanny candidate. An in person interview is ideal; however many families are successful with telephone interviewing. However you conduct your interview, be sure to ask open-ended questions designed to elicit more than a simple "yes" or "no" response. Ask the question and then let the candidate talk; listen carefully.
    Link: Interviewing the Nanny Advice: Interviewing the Nanny
  •  Reference Check: This step usually takes place after you've picked a nanny and made an offer of employment. Contact a minimum of two references, preferably work or character references, not related to the nanny. Families typically view the resume/application as a factual document while candidates view it as a necessary evil needed to obtain a job. These different points of view and the highly competitive employment market may tempt the candidate to conceal or misrepresent the facts in order to put themselves is a favorable hiring position. Don't expect the candidate to reveal his/her shortcomings; it is your job to find the facts and make a proper hiring decision. Professional reference checking services are offered at 4nannies.com for a nominal additional fee.
    Link: Reference Checking the Nanny Reference Checking Services for Hiring a Nanny
  •  Background Check: Every 4nannies.com family membership includes a pre-employment criminal background check. Use it! Consider optional sex offender registry and driving record checks. If you are hiring from another online source, 4nannies.com welcomes a la carte background checks.
    Link: Background Checking the Nanny FAQ: Background Checking the Nanny
  • Nanny Hired! Once you're satisfied that you've found the right nanny, make sure the terms of your arrangement are spelled out in an employment agreement that will be signed by all parties. This must include compensation, pay frequency, tax treatment, overtime compensation, benefits, holiday, sick and vacation day policies, expense reimbursement policy (especially if a nanny is using her vehicle to transport your children), a specific treatment of duties and responsibilities, and a confidentiality clause. Hire your nanny and orient her to your home, family and schedule. Make sure she has your office and cell phone numbers, as well as written authorization to pick up your children from school or obtain medical care for them.

Please don't try to take short cuts. Every step is important to a successful outcome.