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The NannyNetwork.com Nanny Recruitment Service is simple! We collect applicant profiles online, and we forward the applicants to you daily, via email, per your applicant criteria. That's it!

NannyNetwork.com has helped nanny referral agencies locate qualified candidates for their open nanny positions since 1996. We can help you complete more placements. NannyNetwork.com saves you both time and money.

Subscribing agencies will have all candidate forms automatically forwarded via email to their email address every business day. You will receive candidate name, phone numbers as provided, email address, and their profile data.

NannyNetwork.com processed just over 10,000 applicant records in 2008. There are expected seasonal highs and lows. Around the winter holidays, candidates are down. In May and June we see our peaks, as candidates graduate from school. Agencies use the candidate pool as a leads list. Agencies remain responsible for all due diligence.

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