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Library & FAQs: Nanny Resources

Newborn Care Specialists (formerly Baby Nurses) and Travel, Temporary Nannies serve niche markets in childcare. Most of these providers work independently - there are very few agencies with this type of speciality.

Below is a list of providers. This is a work in progress. If you would like to have your name added to this listing, please contact the webmaster. There are additional resources available at The Newborn Care Specialist Association.

Newborn Care Specialists, Temporary & Travel Nannies

  • Baby Keepers, Kim Dillon, provides professional Baby Nurse and Nanny Services. Services include support and help for after birth and early parenthood.
  • Child Care to Go, Janinne Gardner accepts assignments from two days or as long as six months. Temporary child care should fit your immediate needs, if after or during this time you find that your needs are long term she will he happy to help you find permanent child care.
  • Exclusively Newborns, an agency primarily serving Arizona and Southern California.
  • First Class Care, an agency service Chicagoland.
  • Gibson Newborn Services, Courtney Gibson, specializes in the care of newborns in a temporary capacity during the weeks following birth.
  • House Calls For Baby, Dianna Hughes, is a certified newborn care specialist based in Phoenix AZ.
  • Myra Mary Leffler is available for Newborn Care Specialist services, vacation coverage, as well as short term nanny coverage.
  • Nanny Answers, Tonya Sakowicz, a professional nanny for more than 20 years. Tonya, over the last 14 years, has worked almost exclusively with newborn premature multiples and she has helped hundreds of babies learn to sleep through the night quickly and effectively.
  • Nanny for Newborns, Lisa Stipe, is a Newborn Care Specialist and Infant Sleep Trainer, offering highly skilled, modern-day answers to newborn challenges.
  • Nanny on the Move, Melanie Nesbit, is a certified Newborn Care Specialist. Melanie is based in Texas, and accepts assignments nationwide. In addition to newborn care, Melanie is available for temporary and vacation care.
  • Short Term Nanny, Lisa Fisher, is available for short term and travel assignments.
  • Sweet Baby Dreams, Christy Bunting-Hill offers In-home, day, night or 24/7 care, including sleep training.
  • Temporary Nanny, Clelie Bourne, provides protective, loving care for newborns, premature twins and triplets. Clelie will help for as little as two weeks or as long as 3 months and cover a 10 hour shift or up to around the clock 24/7 with breaks.
  • The Traveling Nanny, Donna Robinson, 2008 Nanny of the Year for the International Nanny Association. Donna specializes in providing travel nanny services, domestically and internationally, and is available for temporary and newborn services upon request.

Updated February 2010