Book Review: Nanny to the Rescue!

Nanny to the Resuce

Nanny to the Rescue

Michelle LaRowe  

Reviewed by Kathleen Webb
March 2006

Capitalizing on the popularity of the reality shows featuring nannies helping parents learn how to BE parents, former INA Nanny of the Year Michelle LaRowe has penned a super book "Nanny to the Rescue!"

Whether you need advice on dealing with temper tantrums, child discipline, potty training or the myriad other challenges parents face in raising their children, LaRowe provides a wealth of practical advice tempered with love and realism.

LaRowe works from the premises that parents need to parent, not just be 'friends' with their children, and that children will test parental authority in a variety of time honored ways. Children who have parents who love, guide and correct them grow to be responsible, loving and well-behaved youth.

"Nanny to the Rescue!" is written to parents. ALL caregivers, nannies included, can benefit from LaRowe's experience and practical, down to earth advice. LaRowe brings in information and advice from a number of experts, both secular and spiritual, all presented in a positive and empowering manner. Moving from Ferber to Dobson, Piaget to the Bible, LaRowe's book is presented in easy to digest chapters that address the most common early childhood challenges and offers understanding and sympathy to parents along with healthy doses of practical, loving tips and tricks.

"Nanny to the Rescue!" opens each chapter with a humorous vignette featuring situations all parents can relate to - from the grocery store tantrums demanding the latest highly advertised sugar-saturated goodies to parent-child tug of war over playroom cleanup - and walks the reader through both the cause of the distress as well as presenting alternate scenarios well within parental control for managing these situations in a loving manner to achieve the desired outcomes.

A fabulous resource, highly recommended as an addition to any parenting library!

Nanny to the Rescue, Michelle LaRowe, W Publishing Group, Nashville TN, 2006.


Kathleen Webb is the President of HomeWork Solutions, Inc. Her firm provides nanny payroll and tax services nationwide. HomeWork Solutions was instrumental in the development of and, employment referral resources for the nanny community and the families that employ nannies.


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