Book Review: The Hollywood Nanny

You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again!

You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again!
The True Adventures of a Hollywood Nanny

Suzanne Hansen  

Reviewed by Kathleen Webb
December 2995

Okay, so this ISN'T really Professional Development reading. I admit it. But what fun reading it is!

The funny, poignant, self-deprecating look at the life and times of a teen-ager, newly moved to Hollywood to be a nanny to a rich and famous insider-family is told in a snappy, easy to read manner. Hansen resists the 'tell all' potential and instead presents a candid look inside the homes of Hollywood elite.

Reading more like People Magazine than Dr. Spock, Hansen's literary debut chronicles her adventures and mis-adventures as a nanny in the self-absorbed world of the film industry. Hansen arrived in Hollywood from rural Oregon, by way of the Northwest Nanny Institute. By her own admission, she was woefully un-prepared for the world she entered.

Hansen is hardly a dispassionate observer. The stories she relates are told through the prism of her own experience. That she was naive is rather an understatement! Even considering this, her experience does highlight how easily staff can be manipulated, terrorized and down-right abused by their richer-than-Croesus, controlling employers.

You'll Never Nanny in this Town Again is more a story of coming of age and liberation than a cautionary one. After all - how many nannies will EVER work for such a high profile employer, let alone such a dysfunctional one? You won't find much in the way of child-rearing advice here - simply a highly entertaining peak inside the life of the rich and famous..

Going on a plane trip? This is a great book to pass the time.

The Hollywood Nanny, Suzanne Hansen, Crown Publishers, New York, 2005.


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