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Great Companion to Magic 1-2-3

Editors Note: For every nanny wondering HOW to deal with their charges, employers and partners. Recommends

Editors Note: Easy to follow suggestions for taking control of your financial life.

Second book by nanny Michelle LaRowe Recommends

en Español

Successfully Nanny 2 or More Children

All those games you forgot the rules to! Great entertainment for ages 2 - 10.

Editors Note: Marta brings years of nanny agency experience to this wonderful book.

Ideal for "Nanny Poppins" Bag!

A Perennial Nanny Favorite!

Addressed to parents, but wonderful to help nanny and parents work together.

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Editors Note: What a fun read!
Suzanne spoke at the INA 2005

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Michelle is a founder of Boston Area Nannies

Nanny recommended!

Editors Note: Just for fun - and I would call the victims babysitters not nannies!

Great for those CONSIDERING being a nanny.

Recommended by a Bulletin Board Member

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A Nanny lifesaver - all the rules for games you used to play but don't remember quite how!

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Kim is a former nanny agency owner in California